Emergency Medical Assistance

Helping families and adults who are unable to pay for their medications

Why Is This Important?

For epilepsy patients, taking their prescribed anti-seizure medication every day is critical to their health and safety. Patients who stop taking their medications without a physician’s supervision are in serious danger of having an unexpected seizure that could be a life-threatening event. Our staff recognizes the importance of medication adherence; our Emergency Medication Assistance Program is a critical service for epilepsy patients.

How We Can Help

30-Day Supply of Medications

This program provides a 30-day supply of an individual’s anti-seizure medications at no cost to the patient. Our staff works directly with the patient’s pharmacy to pay for the prescriptions. Emergency medical assistance is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Enrollment Assistance

During the month the patient benefits from the program. Our staff will work with the family or individual to help enroll them in a patient assistance program or insurance coverage to ensure they do not find themselves in the same situation after the 30-day supply is gone.

Get Help Now

To learn more about Emergency Medical Assistance, contact us through our online form or by phone at (210) 653-5353.