Seizure Clinics

We offer clinics for persons with epilepsy in our service area who do not otherwise have access to specialized medical care.

Emergency Medical Assistance

This program helps families and adults living with epilepsy who are unable to pay for their anti-seizure prescription medications.

Support Groups

Our support groups give you a forum for learning about resources, exploring options, and making new friends.


Private counseling sessions are provided for individuals and families affected by epilepsy, both in-person session or online.

Youth Programs

Our programs encourage young people living with epilepsy and seizures to empower themselves and each other.

HOBSCOTCH Memory Program

This program is designed to help adults with epilepsy find ways to manage and cope with memory problems.

Education & Training

Each year, we educate over 8,000 first responders, educators and community members about epilepsy, seizures & first aid.


We give helmets to adults and children at high risk of head injury who cannot afford one on their own.

Scholarship Program

The Erika Foundation Educational Scholarship is for students who’ve shown courage against epilepsy and commitment to their education.